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Okay, so in this RP you can be a character from another RP you joined. Like if in the other RP you have super powers, or look like an alien. You would still look like that/still have superpowers. But you aren't in that RP. You can have a memory of being in that RP. You can mention other RPers from the same RP, and Villains. And what you were doing. How we meet: There's a flash of light, a purple hurricane swept you up, and spit's you into a blue portal. You arrive on a planet where the ground is purple and there is no grass, the sky is dark blue, and moon and sun are sides, by side. You wander around until you meet the others.


So the last time that I did this everyone got lost and confused in the rp, so if you guys have ideas as to how this can be avoided please let me know.


Name: Xavier Byron

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Rp I came from: Fantasy School Rp

Good or evil: He's good but his evil counterpart the Dark One is trying to take him over.

Looks: He has an apricot skin tone, along with shaggy brown hair and blue eyes, he's wearing a white lab coat, along with black glasses, he's also wearing a blue shirt and black jeans, and finally, he's wearing sneakers.

Powers/skills: He can make potions.

Weapon: a dagger

Race: Human.

Personality: paranoid, overprotective over his son Mathew, is very cowardly, he has little self-confidence, and finally, he can be selfish sometimes.

Fears: Becoming the Dark One, losing Mathew, dying, the darkness, losing everything he loves most.

Flaws: is very proud of himself and often talks about himself a lot, he can also be a bit sympathetic.

Other: He has a son named Mathew who will also be in the rp, and he has to drink a potion in order to prevent his evil counterpart from taking him over.


Name: Mathew Byron

Age: 13

Gender: Male:

Rp he comes from: Fantasy School Rp.

Good or evil: Neutral. 

Looks: He has a pale skin tone, along with black hair and gray eyes, he's wearing a skull shirt and black jeans, and finally, he's wearing black sneakers.

Powers/Skills: He has darkness powers and he can make potions like his father.

Weapon: A sword made up of darkness.

Race: Human.

Personality: he's protective of his father, he acts without thinking sometimes, he's selfish, and he only cares about his father.

Fears: Losing his father.

Flaws: He can be annoying sometimes.

Other: none.


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